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Throughout my journey as a small business owner, and creator- I’ve realized just how much knowledge I have to share. Take a peek at my educational resources from my lettering worksheets to my pricing guide course.  

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 "If you never start, you'll never know where you may end up"


The Detailed Course Library 


My unconventional beginner’s guide to hand lettering teaches you the basics and secrets you need to learn the art of lettering! I walk you through exactly how I taught myself, the in depth techniques I used and the exercises I practiced to develop my own unique style of lettering!

What you will find in the workbook:

  • 15 letter practice pages 

  • 8 word practice pages 

  • tranquil, peace, serenity, lover, believe, grace, nature, inhale, heart, positivity, calm, strength, sleep, and living are the practice words

  • My secret technique I used when learning hand-lettering to really develop my own unique consistent style!


Remember you can print these over and over! 

Beginner's (Unconventional) Guide to Hand lettering


Goodbye are the days of feeling disorganized and overwhelmed by your small business finances. 

Bookkeeping Basics for Small Business Owners & Creatives

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Bookkeeping does not have to be complicated, and I've developed a straight forward and simple system for making bookkeeping a breeze! Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your small business finances, and implementing an organized bookkeeping system is key to success for all small business owners!

Throughout this course I am walking you step-by-step through my bookkeeping system that is guaranteed to have you feeling more confident and in control of your business. This course is made with the beginner in mind, and can be applied to both product-based and service-based businesses. All you need is your computer and you are ready!

Once you purchase the course, you will receive an email to set up your account and access the course. All course materials will be available to download within the modules of the course.

Do you feel like you struggle to determine the prices for your products? Does it feel like you are pulling numbers out of the air, or even worse, just basing your prices on what you think is “normal” in your industry? Believe me, I've been there too, and throughout this course, I am teaching you my NO FAIL method for pricing your products with profit in mind!

This course is for the small business owner who needs a profitable and scalable pricing model. This course is focused predominantly on handmade products, but can be applied to any product-based business!

The Details and Swirls 
Pricing Method


I am spilling the secrets on one of my best selling products, hand painted denim jackets!

#THEDETAILEDJACKET - Jacket Painting Course

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  • In-depth tutorial video of painting "Mrs." & "FUTURE"
  • PDF outline of all products I use and detailed explanation of technique 

 In the past two years I’ve sold over 150 jackets bringing in over $15,000 in revenue! Through this mini course I am sharing a detailed look behind my best selling technique so you can start creating and selling jackets for your business!

What is included?


"Just finished this course and it is so helpful to understand how to do your own bookkeeping. Danielle breaks everything down to the simplest terms that even I was able to follow right along. Get this if you don't know where to start with bookkeeping or just want a more organized way to see your profits, revenue and expenses. Thank you Danielle!!!"