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April 14, 2021

EP.14 My Must Have Apps for Small Businesses

As you can imagine, I work every day on my phone! Aside from social media, I have an entire collection of apps I use on day to day basis that help me run my business!


Lightroom: The BEST editing app! I edit all of my photos for social media and my website on the Lightroom app. I have my own presets I apply to all of my photos (I will be releasing them soon)!

CutStory: This app is wonderful for longer videos that need to be posted to multiple different platforms with different length requirements! Especially helpful for uploading longer videos to instagram stories because you are able to saved the video in the 15 second increments for stories!

FilmoraGo: This app is really fun to play around with for editing Reels & TikToks! There are lots of different effects and transitions you can easily apply to your videos!


Google Drive: I could NOT live without this app on my phone! I do all of my bookkeeping through google drive, so I mainly use this app to update my bookkeeping spreadsheet (You can find my bookkeeping course HERE). If I am on the go and spending any money on the business I can quickly open up the app and log my expenses. I also have all of my business calendars and admin information in google drive, so if I ever need to access any information I can do so on my phone.

USPS: I use this app to set up package pick-up almost every day! Especially comes in handy when I forget to set up package pick up and I am not near my computer (aka when I am about to fall asleep at night and I remember in a panic I forgot to set up package pick up).

Square: My favorite POS system for selling in person! I can use this app to accept credit card payments in person, and it also allows me to send invoices.

Reminders: A basic app, but this is my brain dump area where I write down the ideas and thoughts that pop into my head throughout the week. I have different reminder lists for things I need to get done each day, each week, on the weekend, jobs for my assistants to complete, and so on.


Milkshake: This app helps you create a multi-link link for your social media bios. Unlike other similar applications, this app allows you to completely personalize the link card and change the colors, fonts, theme, photos, and more to really match your brand!

Canva: This is my most used app & website! I design absolutely everything on canva, from instagram graphics to lettering resources, and everything in between! I use Canva for all of my branding and all digital resources!

Planoly: I use this app to plan the Detailed Threads Co. and Detailed Diary Podcast instagram! I schedule out all of the posts for the week through this app and Planoly will automatically pos for me.

Preview: I use this app for Details and Swirls so I can get an idea of what my feed will look like for the coming week.

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