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May 19, 2021

Ep.19 How to Handle Slow Business Seasons

Today we are chatting all about how to find comfort around slow seasons in small business! Let’s be real, every single business goes through a slow season at one point or another and it is completely normal!

So how do we find ease during these slow seasons? First start by taking a look at trends in your industry and business. Sometimes slow seasons happen at the same time every year due to buying trends, and other times slow seasons can come at random! Take a look at your industry and business and see if you can identify any trends where you can expect slower months. On the contrary, see if there are any times in your business where you know you will be busier. Do you have upcoming events, contracts, bookings, an upcoming historical busy month? Looking forward to times in your business that you know you will be busy will help reassure you during your slow times!

Now, what can we work on when we are stuck in these slow seasons? Oh boy, do I have a list for you! First and foremost, focus on YOU!  Especially as entrepreneurs there are not many times in the business where we have free time for ourselves. Embrace this time of slowness to spend some time doing things you love outside of your business! This will be the most beneficial to you, and will allow you to recharge and enter the next busy season with a refreshed approach.

Once you’ve given yourself the grace of focusing on things that lift you up, let’s talk about all of the different things we can work on within the business!

  • Branding (I’m not talking taking on a re-branding project here, but instead work on strengthening your current brand throughout all aspects of your business)
  • Website (Take to your website and make updates to anything you’ve been pushing to the back burner over the past few months)
  • Marketing (email list, pinterest, advertisements, etc.)
  • Batch production (content, products, emails, etc.! Batch producing work will save you time in the future when business picks back up)
  • Dive into inspiration (head to the places where you find the most inspiration, spend some time there and let those creative juices flow)
  • Brainstorm future launches

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