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June 9, 2021

EP.22 ADVICE COLUMN: Legally Starting a Small Biz, Growing your Following, and More! 

On today’s podcast episode I am sharing some small business advice! I chose a few topics from the submissions I received, and I am diving into them!

Where do you even start when trying to build a hand lettering business?

Starting a business can seem like a HUGE undertaking, and don’t get me wrong it is! But, when you break it down there aren’t too many steps! First and foremost in order to start a business you need to file for an EIN number. What is an EIN number you ask? It is basically a social security number for your business. It is free and easy to file for an EIN number – you can do so here! Once you have your EIN, there are different sales permit requirements depending on the state you live in. Now you are all set to sell, how do we get the business up and running?! I suggest to start small and really listen to the feedback from your customers!

Is it better to start with Etsy or your own website?

I always suggest starting with Etsy for one main reason. Etsy already has a massive stream of built in traffic waiting to discover your product. If you start off with your own website, you are fully responsible for driving traffic to your website alone. You can always switch to selling on your own website in the future! You can hear my experience with Etsy and the reasons why I left in episode 4

How do you get clients?

Reach out to people LOCALLY! When I started my business I would say 80% of my customers were local. Find local facebook groups, connect with local small business owners in your area, attend events, and really focus on getting your name out there!

How do you gain a following?

This goes hand in hand with attracting clients. Remain consistent on your social platforms and interact with other small business owners in your area!

How do you find your own unique products? I’m inspired by so many people but I don’t want to copy!

This is such a tricky questions! I touched on this point back on episode 11. My biggest suggestion is to mute everyone you’re inspired from in your industry for 1-2 months on social media. Dive into your own passions and get lost in your creativity! Take to nature and elements of design you start to pick up just from the elements around you. Do we all sell similar products? Of course! But it is very clear when artists have a unique approach and overall vision for their brand, and those brands are the ones that stand out from the crowd!

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