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June 30, 2021

EP.25 Instagram Growth & Social Media Success with Social by Sinead

Today’s episode is such an exciting one! I am chatting with the incredible Sinead Gillespie of Social by Sinead.

While working in Boston at a law firm Sinead and her boyfriend moved to Quincy, MA in 2017. After a while of living there, she noticed a spa down the street called Ireland Beauty. Since she had close ties to Ireland, she figured she would give them a try. After her appointment the owner noticed that her name was Irish. She stopped her while I was checking out and said “you’re Irish and you’re young… you must know how to use social media” and after a few email exchanges she hired Sinead to run her spa social media for $100/week. After a few weeks it was going great and the owner opened a second location. So, with two accounts Sinead was making $800/month! Sinead thought if she helped this salon owner bring in new clients, why couldn’t she help other small businesses do the same? And Social By Sinead was born!

She started Social By Sinead in August of 2019, and spent the next 12 months working at the law firm while simultaneously building her business. She kept telling herself “after I hit $10K months that’s when I’ll quit corporate”. It seemed impossible, and such a stretch, and years away at the time, but it only took her 10 months to start consistently making that amount. In August 2020 she quit the corporate world and now after 9 months of working for herself she is on track to make a quarter of a million dollars in 2021. 

Sinead shares her best instagram advice through the episode. Consistency and engagement! Sinead explains how important it is to remain consistent on your social media platform. She also explains her method of engagement. Right after you post to instagram you should be spending time engaging with the platform. So what does this mean? After you post to instagram spend time engaging with others on stories, engaging with others in your feed, AND most importantly engaging through hashtags!

Tune into the full episode to hear the full inspiring story and all of the social media goodness!

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