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September 22, 2021

EP.37 Hey Libby Lu: TikTok for Small Business, Branding Tips, and More!

On today’s episode I am interviewing Emily Myint of Hey Libby Lu! Emily is a 24-year-old small business owner, social media manager and content creator living in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from San Diego State University in December 2019 with her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with an emphasis in Social Media and a minor in Television, Film and Media Production.

Currently, aside from her small business, Emily is also the social media and business manager of Adaa Dance Academy in Orange County. Additionally, Emily is a micro-influencer and works with different brands on both her personal Instagram and Youtube Channel. Emily is currently an Aerie Ambassador and has worked with various brands including Macy’s, Pura Vida Bracelets, Rue21, COOLA, Merjuri, and more. 

In her free time, Emily loves to go to Disneyland and Universal Studios with her boyfriend, hang out at the dog beach with their dog Malibu, go shopping at Target and TJ Maxx and get iced coffees from Starbucks! 


Emily founded her small business in August 2020 in the midst of quarantine after several full time job offers were cancelled due to the pandemic. Emily decided to create her own destiny by starting her own business out of her one bedroom apartment. She discovered a new world of owning a small business on Tik Tok and that’s when she decided to purchase an iPad, an Apple Pencil and a Cricut Maker to start making stickers!

She began making and selling stickers on Etsy under the shop name “Poppy Print Collective.” She started her small business with just stickers and custom portrait illustrations. In February 2021, Emily rebranded her shop from “Poppy Print Collective” to “Hey Libby Lu”. Since then, she has created her own website, grown her business’ social media to over 20K combined followers on Instagram, Tik Tok & Youtube, and has sold to all 50 states & a few countries with over 2,000 sales. Hey Libby Lu now sells apparel, tote bags, keychains, accessories and more! Emily has also sold at several pop-up shops in LA and OC and just celebrated her small business’ one year Etsy anniversary on August 6! 

Podcast Topics Covered:

  • Starting a small business
  • Content creation – video content, graphic design, etc.
  • Business branding – packaging, business cards, thank you cards, etc.
  • Balancing a small business with multiple jobs
  • Being a micro-influencer and a small business owner
  • Social media strategy and growth 
  • Work/life balance – juggling small biz + work + relationships + dog!
  • Rebranding your business – a lot of people have reached out to me about rebranding their small biz and I grew a lot more once I rebranded my biz!

Emily is writing down in her Detailed Diary…

For all my small business owners out there, keep going!! It’s so easy to get burnt out especially when it’s just you, but keep creating, keep being amazing and keep doing you. And for all my people out there who want to start a small business, or a Youtube channel, or being an influencer on Instagram, this is your sign to do it! There is no better time than now and we’re all rooting for you! 





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