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October 13, 2021

EP.40 3 Tips to Increase Sales in Your Small Business 

Today we are getting into the 3 strategies I use to increase sales to my website! These three strategies can work across all small businesses no matter what product or service you are offering!

  1. Restrict the time period your products or services are offered

Have you ever heard other small business owners chatting about their restock days, new drop dates, limited edition products, 

  1. Email List

I cannot speak highly enough of my email list! I absolutely love having an email list and I treat it as a form of social media. I am able to drive direct sales from my email list to my website, and my email list “engagement rate” is over 3X higher than my social media engagement rate!

I absolutely love my email provider Flodesk! You can read all about why I love Flodesk here, and start a free trial! 

  1. SMS list

The past 30 days alone my SMS list has generated 25 sales for my website, how crazy is that?! I use my SMS list strictly as a means to communicate product launches, deadlines, and product based information to my customers. Unlike my email list, I do not work on establishing a strong connection with the customer through SMS, I use it strictly for product based marketing.

I love the Shopify Application Postscript! While some of the plans are expensive, I find that the sales I generate from my SMS list surpass the monthly fee I’m required to pay for my plan!

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