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January 19, 2022


Isn’t passive income every business owner’s dream? Today we are chatting about 5 different areas you can start incorporating passive income into your business!

1) Digital Products

Do you have any art you can create into digital products? Any templates you can create? Any digital downloads you can design? The options are endless!

2) Online Resources

Do you have any knowledge you’ve gained through your business you would like to share with others? From a cheat sheet, to a mini course, to a full blown course! There are so many different options to share your knowledge with others!

3) Non-Custom Products

Is there anything you can offer in your shop that isn’t fully custom? Brainstorm and think of some non-custom products you can offer on your website!

4) Print On Demand

Do you have digital art you would like printed on products like notebooks, mugs, tees, and more? Print On Demand companies print, manufacture, and ship your products for you, all you have to do is upload your artwork!

5) Affiliate

Are you part of any brand ambassador or affiliate programs? Take a look at the products you use in your business every single day and see if any of them offer an affiliate program! Have you thought about applying to the amazon influencer program? You can earn commission on any amazon links you share!

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