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February 16, 2022

Ep.57 Melissa Guller: How To Create an Online Course That Sells

Have you ever thought about creating and selling an online course?

I’m joined by Melissa Guller a course creation expert and the CEO of Wit & Wire, to share with us all the tips and tricks we need to consider when creating an online course that effectively sells.

Melissa helps online business owners like you turn their skills and passions into profitable online courses. In today’s episode, she talks about the creation process, how to prepare yourself to create an online course successfully, and the key strategies that work.

In This Episode:

  • Melissa’s personal career journey from working for Ramit Sethi and Teachable, to running her own online business, Wit & Wire
  • Seeing the evolution of how certain online careers that weren’t deemed profitable, like art writing, are now booming due to the internet
  • Why the way you teach, your own personal background and personality are what makes your course special and unique for your students
  • Indicators that show you’re onto a service or course idea when others start to ask you more about it
  • She shares the 3 different stages of the “course life cycle” of how you can start to get paid developing the curriculum
  • The 2 biggest risks to avoid that new course creators mistakenly make
  • Why the best courses that sell from different price points, are the ones that provide a clear solution to people’s problems
  • Creating courses that help people solve problems vs. courses that only offer the “what” without “why
  • What’s holding most of us back from creating our own online courses and the fear that comes along with it
  • Why Melissa believes having a course is better than having a membership, and what makes it so effective for your business
  • How she’s been able to scale her business by saying “no” to a lot of things
  • Her rule of keeping videos under 15 minutes so that viewers find it easy to do
  • Melissa’s final advice to business owners who feel they’re not good enough to do something yet and why you should start doing things little by little


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Resources mentioned:

Connect with Melissa:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/witandwire/
Website: https://witandwire.com/
Tools & Free Resources: https://witandwire.com/resources/

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