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January 25, 2023

Ep. 105 Recap: Danielle & Joey Reflect on their First 6 Months of Parenting

It’s been 6 months since we’ve welcomed Carter into the world, and it’s been an incredible journey filled with lots of love, emotion, and learning. Being a parent is an incredibly fulfilling yet often nerve-wracking experience, and it’s been no different for us. In this episode, my husband Joey and I sit down to chat and answer some common questions we get about our experiences as new parents.

From episodes of anxiety, breastfeeding struggles and parenting tips we’ve learnt along the way – this episode covers it all. We also share what we’re looking forward to as a family in the coming months, and why parenting isn’t the cookie cutter version of parenting you may have seen before. 

Join us as we reflect on our experiences so far, and we hope it helps you in some way!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The 3 main areas we’ve received the most questions on about Carter – feeding, sleeping, and awake time
  • Challenges surrounding breastfeeding and why I went back to pumping
  • Dealing with chronic health issues concerning feedings, digestion and weight gain
  • The importance of having an understanding of every baby’s unique needs 
  • Why we’ve decided to rock Carter to sleep despite the popular opinion not to
  • How we’ve switched his formula to help him sleep better at night 
  • Finding what works for your family when it comes to baby’s sleeping patterns and schedules
  • Carter’s personality traits and developing of new skills as he’s growing
  • How to manage and cope with anxiety as a new mom in a healthy way
  • Why being on the same page while parenting with your spouse or partner is key
  • Recognizing that each person’s experience as a parent is different and unique, but still equally valid
  • How to balance running a business and being a mom 
  • Future upcoming plans for our family

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