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June 21, 2023

Ep. 126 Q&A w/ My Husband: House Chores and Home Life Revealed!

Finding the right balance between work and household responsibilities can be tough, especially when you’re juggling parenting, running a business, and maintaining a home. And in this episode, you’ll hear how Danielle and her husband Joey share how they make it all work together.

Join them as they chat on how they’ve learned to manage their household and daily routines. They’ll also talk about their non-traditional work schedules and how they divide these responsibilities between them — all while being plain honest about why it’s so important to have those hard conversations about home responsibilities. 

Don’t miss out on this engaging discussion full of useful tips, delightful humor, and truthful advice on how to approach the sometimes awkward subject of “who does what” in the home!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Ways to manage work, home, and family while staying sane 
  • How you can divide and conquer daily chores in the home 
  • Why it’s important to have open conversations about expectations 
  • Tackling parenting duties as a team effort 
  • Handling career/business demands without neglecting your personal life
  • Danielle’s highly requested video drop on Patreon, where she unveils her expert tips for grid-lining seating charts at events

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