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September 20, 2023

Ep. 139 Traveling with A Baby & Eurotrip Recap Alongside My Husband!

Thinking about what it’s like to travel with a baby? Whether it’s an international escapade or a local getaway, the anticipation can be a mix of excitement and nerves, especially for new parents. In this episode, Danielle and Joey are here to give you a full recap of their recent adventures in France and London with baby Carter. 

They explored beautiful sights and stumbled upon unexpected delights, covering all the bases to offer you a firsthand glimpse of the joys and challenges that come with family travel. From Joey sharing his latest favorite wine discoveries in the most unexpected locales, to Danielle dishing out the details on the essential products that were absolute lifesavers during their trip, you’ll walk away with a fresh perspective and maybe a few insights to tuck away for your own adventures.

So if you’re gearing up for a family vacation with your little one, tune in. This episode is brimming with laughs, love, and great travel tips!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why Joey can’t stop raving about his latest wine discoveries that every wine lover needs to know about
  • The jaw-dropping Airbnb find with a price tag that gives US hotels a run for their money
  • Danielle shares why the Slumber Pod is a must-have for parents hitting the road with a baby
  • What it really means to travel with a toddler
  • The ultimate breakdown of their travel itinerary day-by-day
  • Why choosing the right travel stroller isn’t just a game-changer, its your new BFF
  • How to manage jet lag with a baby without losing your mind
  • Danielle’s surprise at being recognized during their London trip
  • A new Patreon exclusive on one of Danielle’s highly requested tutorial on acrylic signs

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