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December 6, 2023

Ep. 150 From Healthcare Professional to Floral Designs: Marla Bracey’s Colorful Journey to Entrepreneurship | Marla Bracey Designs

What if you went all in on your deepest passion and transformed it into a thriving business? Join me as I sit down with Marla Bracey of Marla Bracey Designs, known for her exquisite blend of custom art and signature floral designs.

In this episode, Marla walks us through her remarkable shift from medical professional to entrepreneur. She reveals how the COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly ignited a major career transition, compelling her to fully embrace her artistic talents. Despite initial doubts and obstacles, it was Marla’s leap into the unknown that marked a defining moment in her journey to success.

Marla also sheds light on how embracing a distinctive Southern tradition greatly contributed to her business growth. She offers actionable tips on using social media to broaden your brand’s reach and shares her experiences with taking calculated risks in the world of business.

So if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an artist seeking inspiration, or simply curious about turning a hobby into a profitable small business, this episode is for you!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Marla’s incredible journey from healthcare professional to the vibrant world of art and entrepreneurship
  • The silver lining of the pandemic and the unexpected growth opportunities for small businesses
  • Evolution of Marla’s art style and the creation of her signature floral designs
  • How a charming Southern tradition of hospital door hangers helped boost her business
  • Insights on the pivotal role of social media for business growth and brand development
  • Her experiences with reaching out to influencers and brands, highlighting the power of taking risks
  • Why you should explore different ideas or products for your business
  • How Marla juggles being a mom, wife, & business owner, and embracing different life stages

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