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April 29, 2024

Ep. 171 3 Tips To Increase Sales At In-Person Markets


  • Danielle introduces herself as the host of the Detailed Diary Podcast, sharing insights into her life as a self-made online business owner.
  • She sets the tone for the episode, expressing her excitement to discuss her recent experiences and share valuable tips for succeeding in markets.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understanding Your Audience:
    • Know and understand the audience and consumers at the event.
    • Gather insights into the demographics, interests, and spending habits of potential customers.
    • Tailor offerings and pricing to align with the audience’s preferences and expectations.
    • Example: At a tulip farm pop-up, Danielle adjusted her pricing and offerings to match the clientele’s expectations, leading to increased sales.
  2. Effective Signage:
    • Utilize clear and concise signage to communicate offerings and attract attention.
    • Ensure signage is visible from a distance and highlights key selling points.
    • Signage should communicate what your business offers and entice passersby to approach your table.
    • Example: Danielle implemented prominent signage at her pop-up, clearly indicating live lettering and on-site personalization, which significantly increased engagement and sales.
  3. Welcoming Personality and Engagement:
    • Maintain a welcoming, energetic, and friendly demeanor to engage potential customers.
    • Initiate organic conversations and make genuine connections with visitors.
    • Be proactive in greeting and interacting with attendees, even if they don’t immediately approach your table.
    • Example: Danielle’s positive attitude and proactive engagement fostered meaningful interactions and networking opportunities, contributing to overall success at the event.

Additional Notes:

  • She mentions upcoming content on Patreon and encourages participation and engagement from supporters.
  • Danielle promotes voting for Details and Swirls in the Best of Rhode Island contest and provides instructions for voting. VOTE HERE for Rhody Maker and Rhode Island Podcast

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