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March 3, 2021

EP.08 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Customers and Negativity

Today’s podcast episode dives into navigating difficult customer situations and negativity while running your small business! I am a 9 on the enneagram, and I absolutely hate conflict and confrontation. I’ve learned over the past few years of running my business that confrontation is something I have to deal with. My business has grown in so many different ways over time, and I can attribute a lot of my growth to negative situations I’ve dealt with.

I have three main tips you can implement in your own business to confront and overcome conflict and negativity.

  1. Erase the expectation in your head that you will be treated in the way you would treat others

We need to let go of the idea that all customers are going to treat you with the respect and kindness that you may treat others with. Often times customers do not even realize the effect their words may have on us. We need to remove our personal emotions and expectations out of the equation when we are dealing with customer complaints.

  1. Identify if the issue is in or out of your control, if it is in your control, is this something you can learn from and improve upon?

We need to set our pride aside and identify the source of the issue. Is this a legitimate complaint regarding an area of our business that can be improved upon? If so, let us take this as a learning opportunity to improve different aspects of our business. If this is a complaint over something that is not in our control, let us step back, handle the situation, and realize we do not have control and therefore are not at fault. 

  1. Confront issues head on, and anticipate what customers would complain about

Are there gray areas in your business that you could see arising as a complaint in the future because of a lack of communication or information? Have you received the same type of complaint numerous times over something that can be avoided? Take a look at your products and services and try to over deliver with communication to the customer so there is less room for misunderstanding!

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