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March 10, 2021

EP.09 Interview with Ariana of AMC Weddings

When did you start?

I launched AMC Weddings in January of 2018 so we are 3 years old! However I started working in the wedding industry when I was just 19 years old.

What inspired you to start AMC Weddings?

This is so cliche to say but ever since I could remember I have been obsessed with weddings. I remember being the flower girl in my aunt and uncles wedding when i was 4 years old and I just thought it was the best thing in the whole world. I feel like ever since that wedding I was always asking my parents to go to weddings with them and I was just obsessed. Fast forward to high school I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do and I didn’t really think being a wedding planner was a real job that existed but I knew I wanted to have some sort of creative job. I focused a lot on interior design and thought that was the path for me until I found out in college that wedding planning was in fact a real job! Thats when I started interning and working in the industry and immediately knew that was the career for me. I’ve always been very independent and had always wanted to be my own “boss” but I didn’t think I would own a business until maybe in my 30s. And something in me told me I needed to do open up AMC Weddings at a younger age and that is exactly what i did and wow I am so so happy I took that leap. 

What is something you are most proud of?

I am honestly proud of so much in regards to AMC Weddings but overall I would say I am most proud of following my dreams and just seeing how much it has grown. When I first launched my business I of course had the fears that every business owner has that is just starting out. I was scared of what people would think and wasn’t sure if it would be successful, you know putting yourself out there isn’t easy. But I worked really hard to build my brand, and I stayed true to myself and I can’t believe how far it has come! 

What is an area in your business that has developed and changed so much? (aka you would look back on something and think omg I can’t believe I used to do it that way, or I can’t believe I didn’t do XYZ)

I have really improved on everything over the years but I will say the one thing I look back on and cant believe I did was probably my design plans. When I first started I used to call it an inspiration board and that was a pretty accurate name for it because it really just was one sheet of paper with some inspiration photos on it and I would make it for all of my clients but it really had zero direction to it. I look back and think omg what did people even do with these, it seems so useless to me now! I then grew that a little and made a design plan that was typically 10 pages long so it was a little bit more detailed and had some sense of direction. But now I deliver design plans that are about 60 pages and are heavily detailed. I cant even ever imagine doing anything less now. 

What is your favorite part of doing styled shoots?

My favorite part about planning and designing a styled shoot is that I am in complete control and can really show what I am capable of and show my style 100%. I love planning and designing weddings of course but when I am doing that I am always respectful of the clients wishes and their taste. When I get to do a styled shoot I am fully showing a design that represents AMC. I can also be really trendy with these if I want to.

What does your ideal wedding look like?

It’s so funny because everyone always asks me this and they always assume I will have a really large wedding because that is what I mostly plan but I actually want a really small intimate wedding. In a perfect world I would get married in Italy with my closest family and friends but it will definitely be very detail heavy. I would love tons of florals probably sticking to neutral colors and I would want both the ceremony and reception outdoors. 

Do you enjoy having an office in Newport?

I love it! I love having my own little space to meet with clients and work. 

What is your favorite part about running your own business?

I love that i get to work with every single one of my clients. There are a lot of businesses out there where the owner will pass along weddings to lead planners who works under them but I absolutely love the fact that I am 100% involved with every one of my clients from start to finish. Literally from the first inquiry email to the send off at their wedding and everything in between they are always working with me. Of course I have assistants the day of the wedding because it is impossible to run wedding day alone and I don’t know what I would do without my girls but I would say yeah my favorite part about running my business is that I am the one working with all of my amazing clients.

Do you have any future plans coming up for your business or new launches? 

I have been wanting to start a youtube channel since April. I am not really sure if that will happen or maybe something similar to that but i would love to show people more behind the scenes of what i do day to day! I would also love to have a mentorship program one day but that is likely way down the line! 

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