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April 28, 2021

EP.16 How to Overcome Social Media Comparison


This type of comparison begins when we are insecure and not confident in something whether it be ourselves, our products, business, style, branding, the list goes on and on!

How to we address and fix this?

First – is this a fixable problem or not?

If this is something that ACTUALLY needs improvement in our business, let’s take actionable steps and goals to make this portion of our business better based upon our own vision.

We need to be careful with this type of comparison, because many times there really is not anything in our business that needs to be changed. Many times we are unnecessarily comparing ourselves to others and then making changes in our own business to mimic┬áthose businesses. Take a deep dive into your own personal vision and goals and if your business is aligned with your vision, do not change what you are doing! Stay true to yourself and know that the vision you have for your business cannot be compared to anyone else’s and you are on the right path.


Jealousy is a pretty negative word…but let’s face it, we ALL feel jealous at one point or another throughout the journey of growing our business. This is usually in the form of feeling jealous of a “success” level. Follower count, order quantity, sales level, the list can go on and on. 

How do we address and fix this?

We need to determine what success looks like for us

  • Is this a certain dollar amount of sales per month?
  • Is this a certain amount of free time per day?
  • Is this the ability for a flexible schedule?

If we do not determine our OWN level of success, we are going to constantly compare our business and our success to the ever-changing success of other businesses. If we determine what success means to us on a personal level, this comparison will be much easier to stop and dismiss.

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