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July 7, 2021

EP.26 Content Planning For Small Business Owners

Remember when we used social media for “fun” instead of for business? Oh those were the days weren’t they! While social media can still be fun, it often times add unnecessary stress to our already stressful and busy small businesses.

A content planning strategy is a small business must have, so today I am talking through all of my small business tips surrounding content and social media! 

Now what is content planning you may ask? Content planning for small business owners is basically coming up with an organized approached for the content you are creating for social media platforms. Incorporating small business systems like content planning into your routine will help you immensely in the long run! Content planning is going to look different for everyone based upon the platforms you are posting on. First start by brainstorming ALL of the different areas you are creating content. Not just instagram – really think about where your content is going. Instagram, Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV, Tiktok, Facebook, Pinterest, Email list, SMS list, Podcast, Blog, and so on. When you really add it up, there is SO much content we’re creating every month. Let’s break it down.

I like to plan out my content by month. First, think about the quantity of content you aim to put out each month. For example, let’s say I do 15 instagram posts, 30 TikToks, 8 emails, 8 SMS messages, 2 blog posts, and 4 podcasts a month. Be as specific as you wish with the quantities and know that content planning is just a guide you can adjust! Now that we have our numbers, let’s talk concepts. Do we have any big launches coming up we need to promote, are there any holidays coming up that co-inside with our content, do we have any business milestones coming up? Try and think of the direction of content you know you will share for the month. Now, will ideas come up throughout the month that we will post spur of the moment? Of course! But, again this will serve as a guide for planning purposes.

Once we have an outline and direction for our content, now the planning & batching begins! Have you ever heard of influencers or business owners refer to a work day as a “content day”? This means that they are spending one day out of the week or month shooting ALL of the content for that time period. Now I do not want you to feel overwhelmed like you need to capture 80 pieces of content in one day, but breaking up your content capturing into batches is going to help your time management and create more room in your schedule for other projects.

Lastly, are there any areas where you can repurpose your content? Can you expand on your instagram caption and turn in into an email? Can you download your TikTok and upload it as a pin to Pinterest? Can you use your instagram photo as the cover photo to your blog post? When you are planning out your content calendar think of all the ways in which you can reuse your content and repurpose the same photos, videos, and copy on all different platforms!

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