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September 29, 2021

EP. 38 Identifying & Attracting Your Ideal Client 

On today’s podcast episode we are chatting all about how to identify and attract the ideal client for your small business! Identifying an ideal client is crucial for your small business growth and success, and I am walking through the exact steps you can take to both identify and attract!


  • Let’s first start by creating an ideal client avatar. We want to be as specific as we can with our ideal client!
    • How old are they?
    • Where do they live? City/Suburbs
    • How much money do they make? 
    • What do they do for work?
    • Where do they shop?
    • What accounts do they follow on social media?
    • What do they do for fun?
    • What are their hobbies & interests?
    • What stage of life are they in? Single, Engaged, Married, Family?
    • Do they own a home?
    • Feel free to add in any of your own descriptive questions to further identify your client!


  • Step one is to clearly set up your business in a way that appeals to your ideal client – now you may have more than one ideal client and your ideal client may evolve over time, and that is fine! That is why you will hear lots of people talk about niching down your business mainly to focus in on that one specific ideal client
  • Start hanging out where your ideal client hangs out! This can come in many different forms – showing up in person and online
    • In person: It is great experience to do some craft shows and events where you are actually meeting your ideal client in person
    • Online: this is where you have the ability to REALLY get in front of, and attract your ideal client
      • Start showing up and engaging where you know your ideal client will be!
        • EX) Do you work in weddings? Is your ideal client someone who is engaged? What accounts might she be following on instagram? Head over to those accounts and engage there!

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