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November 3, 2021

EP.43 Camilla Creations: Struggles of Young Entrepreneurs, Burnout, and More!

Kassandra is 26 and currently lives in Richmond, VA. She’s always had a love for art and music. She had basic art classes in school throughout her life, and she always had an interest in painting nature and flowers from a young age. In high school and college she continued to take different art classes and ended up minoring in Studio art with a Communications major at Christopher Newport University. Kassandra loves being her own boss and seeing how much her business has grown since 2014. When she’s not painting, she’s usually at the gym, hanging out with friends, traveling, or trying to catch up on sleep!

Camilla Creations started with a tattoo-gone-wrong experience, and Kassandra needed extra money, so she started selling canvases in 2014. Kassandra saw how much of a demand there was for custom artwork, especially on a college campus, and she slowly started expanding which led her to woodworking and embroidery. Once her business started reaching more people, she knew she could do this full time after college and she hasn’t looked back since. After a few years of taking on ANY custom request that came her way and traveling for craft markets, Kassandra was finally able to find her true passion which is painting flowers, and gradually made a switch to painting mainly floral products. She realized she loved painting flowers and nature when she started watching Donna Dewberry’s VCR tapes of her flower tutorials.

Today Kassandra is writing down in her figurative detailed diary:

Life is all about what YOU make of it. It’s about making the best of every situation, no matter how scary or difficult it may be at the time. You can truly be and do whatever you want, as long as you put in time, effort, and dedication. Some things take talent and skill, but to get to where you WANT to be, you need to be passionate, resilient, and hard working. Don’t be afraid to take that leap to reach your goals and dreams! The most important thing I’ve learned is that while you’re reaching for those goals, you have to remember to enjoy life and do the things that make you truly happy along the way.

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