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Danielle Holleran 




In this episode, host Danielle Holleran candidly discusses her decision to scale back on TikTok, despite having over 600,000 followers. Tune in to discover Danielle’s insights into the pressure of maintaining consistency on TikTok, the platform’s algorithm challenges, and the limitations of TikTok Shop for small business owners. Learn why Danielle chose to prioritize her mental health and align her social media efforts with her business goals, ultimately deciding to focus on platforms where she feels her efforts are more beneficial. Join Danielle as she encourages listeners to embrace authenticity and prioritize well-being in entrepreneurship.


Unlock Productivity with Time Blocking: In episode 167 of the Detail Diary podcast, host Danielle Halloran shares her secrets for maximizing productivity through time blocking. Discover how Danielle navigates the challenges of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship while staying organized and focused. Learn practical strategies for creating weekly to-do lists, adapting time blocks to varying schedules, and making informed outsourcing decisions. Tune in to gain insights into the power of time blocking in enhancing productivity and achieving work-life balance. Don’t miss out on Danielle’s expert tips for planning success and optimizing your workflow. Listen now for actionable techniques to unlock your productivity potential!


I’m excited to share today’s episode with my friend Shelby of Hart and Flora. You might remember her from a previous podcast episode, and she’s here today to kick off a new podcast series, “Where Are They Now?”, where I catch up with amazing guests from the past, seeing how their businesses have grown and […]


I often get asked how I turned Details and Swirls into my full-time career. So I’m revisiting a past episode to share exactly how I did it! This journey was more than just a career change, it really completely shifted the direction of my life. Taking the leap to become a small business owner is […]


Today I sit down with guest Laura Jones, the talented illustrator and creator behind Laura Jane Illustrations. Once a dedicated teacher, Laura made the bold leap to pursue her passion for art full-time. Laura shares how scary it was to start over and the challenges she faced along the way. Her story shows us that […]


I’m bringing back one of my favorite episodes because it’s just too good not to share again. It’s all about overcoming comparison, something I think we can all relate to, especially as small business owners. I talk about a lesson I learned back in college that I keep coming back to, especially now at the […]

Embracing Your Unique Journey in Entrepreneurship


Ready to take on 2024 with a purpose? In this episode, I share my goals for 2024 and discuss how important it is to set intentional time to brainstorm and plan out your year for your business. Whether it’s reflecting on what you’ve accomplished or setting new goals and ideas, taking the time to map […]


Ever wondered how fine the line is between drawing inspiration and veering into imitation in your small business? In today’s episode, I’ll be diving into this somewhat nuanced topic. During the hustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to get lost in the flurry of creativity and ideas. But where do we draw the line […]

Inspiration vs. Copying


Is it possible for a hobby to turn into a successful career? In today’s episode, join me as I chat with Erin Garrity of iCrave Jewels, the artisan who transformed her simple pastime into a thriving jewelry empire. Her journey from playful hair bow creations to stunning, unique jewelry designs is more than a business […]


You know that feeling when the universe seems to be on your side? Dana Hookanson and Nicole Fagan surely do. Their creation, Opal Event Studio, feels like a dream brought to life, thanks to a mix of passion, expertise, and a bit of good fortune. Join me as I sit down with Dana and Nicole […]