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December 15, 2021

EP. 49 Allie Rose Co: Launch Strategies & Confidence in Marketing

Today on the podcast I am interviewing Allie Mitrovich of Allie Rose Co.! Allie graduated from a small school in Maryland in May of 2020 majoring in Graphic Design. She loves anything creative, iced coffee, McDonalds Coke, the Office, and her biz of course! 

Allie’s business pretty much started on accident! She was bored after getting sent home from college my senior year due to COVID-19 and ordered a Cricut! She started making stickers and selling them on Etsy. Allie posted a TikTok of her process making the stickers and it blew up! She realized she could do this full time, so she worked all summer to earn enough money and start selling more than just stickers! In September of 2020 she fully launched Allie Rose Co.!

Today Allie is writing down in her figurative detailed diary…
You get out what you put in! This goes for everything in life, but especially with running a business!

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