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April 1, 2024

Ep. 167: Secrets of Time Blocking for Increased Productivity

Host: Danielle Holleran

Key Takeaways:

  1. Time Blocking for Productivity: Implementing time blocking techniques can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency in managing tasks.
  2. Adaptability in Scheduling: Flexibility within time blocks allows for adjustments to accommodate changing schedules and unpredictable tasks.
  3. Weekly To-Do Lists: Creating a list of recurring tasks for each week helps establish consistency and prioritize responsibilities.
  4. Outsourcing Decisions: Time blocking can aid in identifying tasks suitable for outsourcing, based on workload analysis and availability.
  5. Balancing Work and Motherhood: Time blocking strategies help navigate the challenges of balancing work commitments with motherhood responsibilities.
  6. Planning for Success: Taking a few minutes to plan and organize time blocks before the workweek can lead to increased productivity and clarity.

Benefits of Time Blocking:

  • Time blocking enhances productivity and ensures efficient use of time.
  • Helps creative small business owners stay focused and organized.
  • Danielle shares personal challenges and improvements in prioritizing tasks.

Time Blocking Strategies:

  • Tailoring time blocks to fit individual schedules and business needs.
  • Danielle discusses her evolving work schedule, from full-time to part-time availability.
  • Adapting time blocking methods based on available childcare and work commitments.
  • Importance of flexibility within time blocks to accommodate unpredictable tasks.

Creating Weekly To-Do Lists:

  • Establishing a list of recurring tasks for each week.
  • Ensuring consistency and routine in managing weekly responsibilities.
  • Adjusting time blocks according to fluctuating workloads and seasonal demands.

Outsourcing and Hiring Decisions:

  • Identifying areas suitable for outsourcing based on time blocks and workload analysis.
  • Personal experiences with outsourcing tasks such as email management and order packaging.
  • Reevaluating outsourcing decisions based on changes in business priorities and availability.


  • Reflecting on the effectiveness of time blocking in managing work-life balance.
  • Encourages listeners to implement time blocking strategies for improved productivity.
  • Thanks listeners for tuning in and promises further discussions on productivity in future episodes.

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