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April 15, 2024

Ep. 169 Why I Quit TikTok At 600K+ Followers

  • Patreon Update:
    • Danielle provides a brief update on recent Patreon content, highlighting a new Swirl Squad video on outlining seating charts, especially useful for acrylic seating charts.
  • Wedding Rental Season:
    • Danielle reflects on the start of wedding rental season, expressing excitement for upcoming projects and the revamp of their wedding rentals. She mentions a recent revamp of offerings and anticipates a season filled with creativity and inspiration.
  • Floral Textured Art Collection Launch:
    • Danielle announces the launch of her first-ever floral textured art collection, describing it as a creative passion project. She mentions the launch time and highlights the collection’s uniqueness and personal significance.
  • Pop-Up Event Recap:
    • Danielle recaps a successful pop-up event at a nursery store, sharing upcoming events at the tulip farm and the positive community interactions experienced. She emphasizes the importance of connecting with customers and fellow small business owners. See all pop-up dates here.
  • Best of Rhode Island Nominations:
    • Danielle urges listeners to vote for the podcast and her business, Details and Swirls, in the Best of Rhode Island nominations for Rhody Maker. VOTE HERE!
  • Main Topic: Why I Decided to Quit TikTok:
    • Danielle shares personal insights into her decision to scale back on TikTok, focusing on mental health, shifting priorities, and creative energy.
    • She explains that despite having over 600,000 followers, she felt compelled to reassess her relationship with the platform due to various factors.
    • Danielle discusses the pressure to maintain consistency on TikTok, the unreliability of its algorithm, and the limitations of TikTok Shop for small business owners.
    • She reflects on the need to prioritize where creative energy is invested and the importance of aligning social media efforts with business goals.
    • Danielle emphasizes that while TikTok may work for some, she found it draining and ultimately decided to focus on platforms where she feels her efforts are more beneficial.
    • Conclusion: Danielle encourages listeners to prioritize their well-being and business needs over societal expectations, reminding them that it’s okay to make decisions that align with personal and business growth.
  • Closing Thoughts:
    • Danielle concludes the episode by reiterating the importance of self-care and authenticity in business. She encourages listeners to embrace the freedom to make decisions that serve their individual goals and values.

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