Show Notes


June 30, 2024

Ep. 177: Stress-Free Vacation Planning for Entrepreneurs

1. Introduction

  • Host: Danielle Holleran
  • Topic: How to take vacations as a small business owner
  • Context: No episode last week due to travel

2. Patreon Update

  • New Content:
    • 3 new Swirl Squad videos
    • Bonus episode on Patreon
    • New phone and computer wallpapers
  • Swirl Squad Video Highlights:
    • Organizing your business in Notion
    • DIY freestanding sign tutorial
    • Creating an Amazon storefront for passive income

3. Vacation Recap

  • Travel Experience:
    • Personal anecdotes from the trip
    • Challenges and tips for traveling with a toddler
  • Content Creation:
    • Efforts to create vacation content
    • Importance of living in the moment

4. Preparing Your Business for Vacation

  • Order Management:
    • Completing open orders before vacation
    • Extending processing time if needed
    • Over-communicating with customers about potential delays
  • Client Communication:
    • Informing clients about your travel plans
    • Ensuring clients have everything they need before leaving

5. Managing Emails and Social Media

  • Email Strategy:
    • Setting up out-of-office responses
    • Checking emails periodically for peace of mind
  • Social Media Presence:
    • Deciding whether to share personal or pre-batched business content
    • Scheduling posts in advance using tools like Planoly
  • Pinterest and Email Lists:
    • Prescheduling pins for consistent posting
    • Taking a break from regular email newsletters if needed

6. Tips for Successful Vacation Planning

  • Assessing Processing Times:
    • Comparing vacation length to processing times to manage orders effectively
  • Using Automation:
    • Automating tasks where possible
    • Considering taking a break from social media entirely

7. Conclusion

  • Final Thoughts:
    • The importance of planning and communication
    • Emphasizing flexibility and personal choice in managing business tasks

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