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June 14, 2024

Ep. 176 Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses with Amanda Salcedo

In this engaging episode of the Detail Diary Podcast, host Danielle Holleran sits down with Amanda Salcedo, a social media expert known as That Social Media Momager. Amanda shares her unique journey from being a 5th-grade teacher to becoming a social media strategist for small businesses, especially those run by mothers. The conversation delves into the evolution of her business, the services she offers, and her strategic approach to social media management.

Key Points:

  1. Introduction:
    • Danielle introduces Amanda Salcedo, highlighting her expertise in social media management for small businesses.
    • Amanda expresses her excitement to be on the show.
  2. Amanda’s Background:
    • Amanda shares her journey from teaching to social media management.
    • She discusses her transition during the pandemic and how she utilized her organizational skills in a new field.
    • Amanda highlights her passion for supporting mothers in product-based and e-commerce businesses.
  3. Building Services for Small Business Owners:
    • Amanda explains how she started with real estate clients and moved into email marketing, particularly using Flodesk.
    • She describes her flexible approach to services, adapting to the changing needs of her clients month by month.
    • The importance of not niching down too strictly and being able to support various aspects of small business operations.
  4. Adapting Services to Client Needs:
    • Amanda talks about the cyclical nature of small business needs and how she supports different aspects like email marketing, content creation, and more.
    • The significance of understanding and catering to the seasonal and evolving needs of small business owners.
  5. Content Creation and Branding:
    • Danielle praises Amanda’s cohesive branding and creative graphics on her social media.
    • Amanda shares her process of using and customizing Canva templates to create unique, engaging content.
    • The balance between having a cohesive page and appealing to specific audiences.
  6. Mix of Content Types:
    • Discussion on the importance of balancing different content types (reels, carousels, static posts) on social media.
    • Amanda emphasizes focusing on the current audience rather than trying to go viral.
    • Tips on repurposing content and leveraging insights to create engaging posts.
  7. Using Templates for Reels:
    • Amanda explains the concept of templates for reels, which make content creation faster and easier.
    • Templates allow for quick adaptation of trending audio and video formats.
    • Benefits for small business owners who need to produce content efficiently without extensive time investment.
  8. Content Calendars and Email Marketing:
    • Amanda discusses her free content calendars that provide daily posting ideas based on unique holidays and themes.
    • Examples of how to use themed days for promotions and engagement.
    • The importance of email marketing and creative ideas to keep the audience engaged beyond just sales and product launches.
  9. Closing Thoughts:
    • Danielle and Amanda reflect on the continuous evolution of social media and the tools available to small business owners.
    • Amanda’s final advice on staying creative, being adaptable, and focusing on serving the existing audience effectively.


Danielle thanks Amanda for sharing her insights and experiences. The episode wraps up with a reminder to listeners to leverage the tools and strategies discussed to enhance their social media presence and better manage their small businesses.

Call to Action:

Listeners are encouraged to follow Amanda Salcedo on her social media platforms for more tips and updates on social media management and small business support.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Flodesk for email marketing
  • Canva for graphic design and templates

Social Media Handles:

This episode provides valuable insights for small business owners looking to improve their social media strategies, manage their content efficiently, and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

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