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August 4, 2021

EP.30 TikTok Tips, Etsy vs. Shopify, & More

Today I am interviewing Jes McGinley, owner and illustrator of JesMarried. She is a wedding illustrator who uses markers to create detailed wedding invitations, sentimental back facing portrait gifts and wedding signage with a personal flair. 

Jes started her business after creating a gift for her bridal party to propose to them for her wedding. This became her signature offer on Etsy while she was planning her own wedding! Business was super slow at first while she was planning her wedding, but slowly grew to almost a second full time job. she side hustled for 4.5 years while she worked pretty intense corporate jobs. Jes went full time in her business in September of 2020 in the midst of a pandemic!! 

We chat in depth about taking a side hustle full time, running a Shopify and Etsy store and the pros and cons of each, running a small business with through tiktok, and more! 

Jes’ note in her Detailed Diary today is: “Inch worm your growth. Another artist told me be 1% better in your business each day. There is nothing wrong with slow growth.”

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