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March 16, 2022

Ep. 61 The Ladies of Sip & Script

Meet the ladies of Sip & Script! The creative artists teaching the art of pretty letters with cocktails in hand! These ladies give calligraphers a platform to teach and grow their business – and have a community of incredibly talented artists!

Back in 2015, Meg & Julie were two Boston-based wedding calligraphers and decided to team up to teach a holiday class. It turns out that thousands of people wanted to learn over the years and they turned their passion into a career!

They taught every class for 2 years until they met Jess, then started scaling nationwide once they had the business down. Sip & Script now has a team of 60+ calligraphers and they have big plans for this coming year!

What Sip & Script Does:

Sip & Script focuses on encouraging people to try calligraphy in their setting because there’s no pressure to become “perfect” during a 1.5 hour class, you do not need experience to join at all! They want everyone to just have fun with it and maybe it turns into a side hustle or maybe it’s just something you do at home to relax and have a break!

Sip & Script is also focusing on growing their team this year and hoping that any calligrapher thinking about teaching but has no idea where to start will come their way! They teach everything on how to teach, the format, the script down to the minute, and have the perfect road map on hosting successful classes with none of the backend work like customer service!

Where to find Sip & Script 

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