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May 19, 2024

Ep. 173 Taking a Step Back: Embracing Change in Business and Motherhood

Welcome back to the Detailed Diary Podcast! After taking a week off, Danielle returns to share updates and insights into her journey as a small business owner and mom. In this episode, she delves into a significant mindset shift that has changed her approach to balancing work and family life.

Catching Up

  • Danielle’s first-ever week off from podcasting in over three years
  • Importance of intentional content creation
  • Brief updates on recent Patreon activities

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  • Monthly Swirl Squad schedule introduction
  • New content on Patreon:
    • Laser-ready SVG file creation
    • Basement renovation vlog
    • SMS marketing for small businesses
    • Creating custom brushes in Procreate

Diving Into the Topic

  • Danielle’s mental and emotional state over the past few months
  • The struggle of balancing business growth and personal well-being
  • Insights from her first year as a working mom

The Big Realization

  • Danielle’s revelation about the pressure she puts on herself
  • Understanding the importance of taking a step back for mental health
  • Embracing a slower pace without feeling like a failure

Future Plans and Outlook

  • Continued commitment to her business, podcast, and Patreon community
  • Setting new, more realistic expectations for business growth
  • Focus on family and personal well-being during this season of life

Key Takeaways

  1. Taking Time for Yourself is Essential:
    • After an intense week, I chose to take a break instead of producing content for the sake of it. It’s important to prioritize personal well-being to maintain the quality and intentionality of your work.
  2. Balancing Business and Motherhood:
    • Since becoming a mom, my relationship with my business has evolved significantly. I’ve had to adjust my expectations and approach to maintain a healthy balance between being a stay-at-home mom and a business owner.
  3. Adjusting to Changes in Business Operations:
    • The beginning of the year and recent personal challenges have led me to take a step back from my business. This period of slowing down has allowed me to reassess my priorities and accept that it’s okay to not always push for rapid growth.
  4. Reevaluating Business Goals:
    • The drive to continuously grow and beat previous revenue goals has been replaced with a focus on maintaining a sustainable and less stressful approach. This change has improved my mental health and overall quality of life.
  5. Maintaining Flexibility:
    • I’ve realized the importance of being flexible with business goals and operations. Life events, such as the passing of a loved one or personal challenges, necessitate a flexible approach to managing both business and personal responsibilities.
  6. Simplifying Business Operations:
    • My business operations have drastically simplified over the past year. I went from having multiple assistants to having just one assistant for a few hours each month. This shift has helped me manage my time and stress levels better.
  7. Future Outlook:
    • While my current focus is on balancing motherhood and business without overextending myself, I still have long-term goals for my business. This temporary phase allows me to prioritize my family while maintaining my passion for my work.


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